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  • Ion Ballistic Slipper 1,5 2013
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Ion Ballistic Slipper 1,5 2013  

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Product Description

Ion Neoprene Ballistic Slipper 1,5 2013


  • ARMAMID: super resistant protection sole againstsharp mussels, coral reef and other sharp objects
  • Anti_Slip: improved rubber sole structure with outstanding stability and barefoot feeling
  • Glued Blind-Stitch: water sealing for all seams
  • Draw_Cord: elastic string on back side against losing the slipper and to prevent sand coming in
  • Finger_Loop: Improved entry back part of the boot
  • Support_Pad: for better stability in the arch of foot
  • Flat_Lock: flexible, non irritating seams


  • 3-D_Mesh: highly breathable in tropic conditions
  • D_Fence Nylon: robustness and good stretch
  • Limestone_Neoprene: eco-awareness starts in raw materials
  • S_Type Neoprene: our quality standard Neoprene for super flex

In 2006, ION developed a truely innovative feature, the ION Ballistic_Sole. It provides an unmatched protection against most sharp mussels, coral reef, sea urchins and other sharp objects. The Ballistic_Sole is equipped with an extra layer of highly tearing resistant ARMAMID protection fibres. These fibres are also used in bullet-proof vests for example. Compared to conventional neoprene boots the ION Ballistic_Sole provides superior protection against many sharp objects in the water. Although, like an airbag in a car accident, there cannot be a 100% guarantee not to get injured. But the Ballistic_Sole surely provides the best combination of protection and flexibility for your foot!


36/5, 37/6, 38–39/7, 40– 41/8, 42/9, 43–44/10, 45–46/11, 47–48/12

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