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Wave windsurfing in perfection in Finistere in the extreme West of Brittany by STEF VIDEO

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Roots: Evolution of the Inflatable Kite

Every Kitesurfer should read this amazing story. Many people are credited with contributing toward the development of kiteboarding as we know it today, starting with George Pocock in the 1800s who used kites to propel carts on land and ships on the water using a four-line control system to Corey and Bill Roeseler, inventors of the [...]

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HADLOW - Sands of Time Video

Aaron Hadlow taking some time to reflect at the end of the 2015 season and putting all his energy into maintaining his level, pushing the limits of what is possible and shedding the famous lagoons of Brazil. Shot in a ten day window, its always great to see what can be achieved! Hadlow in the [...]

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THE SCIENCE OF WINDSURFING FINS Dear ,Since you love windsurfing as much as us we thought you might appreciate some insight and theory into fin dynamics.There's a lot of hype and jargon spoken about fins, so we hope you find this theoretical information useful when making choices about what fins to buy.There's a lot to cover, [...]

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The Kauli 99NoveNove Interview

KAULI SEADI ABOUT HIS NEW BOARDS 99NOVENOVEHi Kauli, where are you at the moment?I’m in Sao Miguel do Gostoso, Brasil.So… you are working in your Windsurf Center in Gostoso, how is the season going?Season has been really good , windy and sunny everyday, warm water and some fun little waves to keep practicing some wave and freestyle moves.You have [...]

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No need for words ...

99 NoveNove coming soon to surf-store.com.If you can't wait, write for pricing/delivery: info@surf-store.com

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Cabrinha CHAOS 2014 mega sale!!! 40% discount on all sizes!

Not much to say ... The Cabrinha Chaos 2014 is on sale:CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!The Cabrinha Chaos Kite delivers on all fronts. The 2014 Cabrinha Chaos Kite is perfectly tuned to perform when unhooked which also makes it the kite of choice for hitting rails or throwing wakestyle tricks on the flats. The Chaos has [...]

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