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Kitesurf Wetsuits

Introducing Best Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing Wetsuits brands.

Select a spring wetsuit, summer or winter wetsuits or go through different wetsuit thickness in mm.

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NP Kids Wetsuit Rise 3/2 Back Zip 2019

$170.62 $154.10 $154.10

NP Kids Wetsuit Rise 3/2 Back Zip RISE TO THE CHALLENGE Support your habit. Batten down the weather hatches with the rise performance wetsuit design. The rise design line offers the same brand aesthetic and feel as our top-of-the-range models but is...

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Ocean Rodeo

Ocean Rodeo NoZip Drysuit Fleece 2018

$175.14 $153.11 $153.11

Ocean Rodeo NoZip Drysuit Fleece 2018 Polartec® Power Dry® fleece provides exceptional warmth and superior wicking action. A No Zip entry system reduces bulk under your drysuit, and provides greater comfort. By removing the...

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