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NKB 2017 Click Bar Quad Control

  • NKB 2017 Click Bar Quad Control (44700-3202)

NKB 2017 Click Bar Quad Control

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Product Description

NKB 2017 Click Bar Quad Control

Over the past few years that have been all sorts of innovations in the kiteboarding world, some of them albeit a bit gimmicky. When we first heard about this click bar most of us here at the shop or rather skeptical; however, after getting our hands on it we really believe it is that great of a product and it adds a lot to the control bar so why exactly would you use the North Click Bar.

First it’s extremely accessible and clean you don’t have to worry about above the bar or below the bar depower instead this is all simplified and mechanism that’s right on the bar end. If you want to depower the bar you simply click a button, clicking it in quick succession allows you to dump the power in the kite pretty instantaneously. Great in the event of a sudden gust. To reengage power, simply twist the bar and clockwise this is going to shorten your back lines, allowing your kite to be more efficient. If you want to keep track of your depower levels there’s a power display in the center of the bars encased in a plastic window that allows you to see your power level. This really allows you to quantify how much power you have to zero in on that sweet spot, It also has automatic unswiveling centerlines when you turn the bar in addition it’s a one-size-fits-all bar, that’s going to be compatible with most major brands that employ a single flagging line safety system.

So, let’s start with the trim unit. The trim unit is going to allow you to precisely to your bar without having to worry about pulling in on any straps so what’s so great about getting rid of your trim straps. First four people shorter arms they no longer have to worry about being pigeon-holed on a control bar system with below the bar d power. You also no longer have to worry about tangles or when you do pull it on your deep our strap that thing’s circling back around and hit you in the head when you do a rotation. This is a very clean easy-to-use accessible system with regards to your centerlines, the new click bar has a rectangular rubber coating similar to that of the Cabrinha system. The benefits of this being rectangular is when you spin your bar your centerline spin with it. No longer do you need to worry about untwisting your center lines after any kind of kite looper rotation. Another advantage of this rubber coating, is that it’s going to slow the wear on your center lines. They’re going to be protected and encased, which means you’re going to have to replace them less frequently. Another big advantage with the north part is its ergonomic grip you can feel this when you put your hands on the bar. It’s very much shaped for a very comfortable feeling in your hands.

The click bar is going to come standard with 22-meter lines with two meter extensions, resulting in a total of 24 meters. You can easily change the center be on this kite and add a fifth line. This is going to make it compatible with not only the entire north range including the rebel, but also other major kites on the market. Kites such a slingshot and Liquid Force with a low V split are now accessible for North riders. Adjusting the center line “V” can be done without tools, it’s as easy as moving a small plastic piece up and down the lines. Installing the fifth line is equally as easy. In addition to all these features this bar is extremely clean. It was very unique to be on a bar that didn’t have any kind of trim strap. While the deep our took a little bit of adjustment at first I quickly became used to it and depowering and powering back up was a cinch. The only disadvantage with a system that we can see so far as well a dumping the power and the kite is extremely easy through repeatedly clicking the button, powering up can be a little bit tedious. If you’re going from full deep to full power, you’re going to be doing a lot of flipping of that bar end.


Check for video review and manufacturers video on our blog.

French description:

Le système sur 4 lignes est un système de sécurité qui fonc- tionne avec une seule ligne avant. Lorsque vous larguez, toute la puissance est redirigée vers une seule ligne avant, de telle sorte que le kite se met en drapeau et repose sans tracter sur l’eau. De plus, l’aile reste ainsi dans une position idéale pour redécoller depuis l’eau. Le système est équipé d’une poulie de sécurité spécialement conçue sur la ligne avant pour assurer un fonctionnement sûr du système. La barre Quad Control est la barre 4 lignes la plus sûre du mar- ché, offrant un contrôle et des options de sécurité inégalés. Le déclenchement du Iron Heart est incomparable d’efficacité et forme le noyau de la barre d’où tous les autres éléments de sécurité découlent.
Cela permet au rider de reprendre le contrôle rapidement et facilement. La Quad control barre est identique à la barre 5th Element hormis les 4 lignes et le réglage de sécurité sur la ligne avant, garantissant ainsi que c’est la meilleure du marché.

Russian description:

В 4-стропной планке система безопасности
реализована через одну силовую стропу. При
активации страховки вся тяга перенаправляется на 1
в результате чего кайт легко
и спокойно
опускается на воду. Кроме того, кайт будет
ься в положении, идеально подходящем для
перезапуска. Страховочный ролик специально
разработан для системы безопасности через одну
стропу. Quad Control Bar
– это самая безопасная 4-
стропная планка на рынке
с непревзойденны
контролем и безопасностью. Активация Iron Heart не
имеет аналогов
в своей эффективности
и простоте
и образует
с планкой единое целое, о
чем забывают другие бренды. Это позволяет райдеру
восстановить управление быстро
и легко. Quad
Control Bar идентичен 5th Element Bar только
с 4
и страховкой через одну силовую стропу, и
гарантирует, что эта система является лучшей на

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