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Surfstore History: It started with a call from nature

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Your local Online Kite/Wind Surf Shop - Enjoying the ride since 2010

How it all began? Our story..

Kitesurfing with North Wam on Fuerteventura

As youngsters we were always fascinated by water sports – windsurfing and water skiing presented something so pure, words can’t even describe it. Unfortunately, we grew up in an environment, which made it almost impossible to try these water sports out.
The sports were still evolving - there were no wake lines yet, windsurf rigs were huge and a too heavy for a boy to lift and it all looked like rocket science to rig everything right up. To top that, our parents saw the movie Jaws from the famous director Steven Spielberg (I’m sure you’ve seen this one) – all parts. Imagine that till this day, when we leave for a water sports vacation, our parents go nuts with safety instructions like “don’t swim too far out to sea”, because of the sharks.
So, those ridiculous fears contributed to us not to at least try out some of these sports in our teen years. But, thank god, we were also raised to keep listening the “inner child” in us, to keep exploring worlds’ possibilities and that eventually brought us to the water sports.

It was around 2005 when my brother was a young real estate careerist got a call from nature: » Man, I need something to relax, I need an outdoor sport for life!«. Up until that point his main sports were only indoor gyms and from time to time recreational Basketball. But the call was there, He needed to be outside and in connection with water to feel some kind of freedom. Natural Wind power provided just that. No gasoline, no electric power, just wind, sun and waves. And he did it!

Soon after, that lead to impulsive buying of complete windsurfing gear – He wanted to have the best equipment there, two or three different sized North sails and NeilPryde sails in combination with JP Australia freeride boards, carbon boom, mast extensions, windsurf fins, everything in short. So he visited all local shops, got educated about equipment. In his mind was always: » OK, if I want to commit to this, I'll just take one or two months of salary and spend it on the entire gear rig needed to start. That way there is no way back, I feel I need this«. Now, at this point he was committed for life, dust on a gear in garage was not an option.

The very next day, a noob that he was, he mounted the gear on a car and drove to the seaside. Not knowing anybody who would windsurf before him he just gradually enthuse one of his friends. He was lucky as hell, as he didn't even know how to check weather forecast properly, and he didn’t know where beginner spots are. So he stopped he at the first sport he saw fit for windsurf safety and conditions and by chance nailed it the first time (beginners luck I guess as the alchemist would say) with nearly perfect conditions in one of our local beaches in Croatia - Savudrija. Day by day the lust for such wind conditions grew bigger so that local forecast checking has become his everyday routine.

During these first years, he was becoming a solid windsurfer, he visited Greek and Canary islands, he took me - Filip Popp (surf-store co-owner) to occasional weekend trips with him to all the local spots in Croatia and Italy, teaching me basics while using his gear.

Filip on Fuerte practising longboard surfingIn the mean time, kitesurfing sport was becoming very popular and we both wanted to try it. It looked dangerous, but at the same time really exciting. I must confess, I saw myself like kitesurfer than windsurfer. Gregor insisted to learn both. But for certain, we both agreed that kitesurf traveling is much easier.

It wasn't until the summer of 2009, when we went on first trip together to Fuerteventura, Flag Beach to learn kitesurfing, improve my windsurfing skills and get a glimpse on surfing as well (pic to the left). I took kitesurf lessons there, to be safe while learning, and when I got back home, bought whole kite complete from North boards to Rebel kites and ION wetsuits, booties and NKB harness.


The kitesurfing got me real good – I was hooked. This was it for me. Through the years my heart landed on strapless kitesurfing and I still devote 90% to it when on water. I just don’t enjoy flat water and twin tip boards as much as I like waves and as little strings attached to me as possible. We were both heavily into exciting water sports (especially strapless kitesurfing on waves – it’s like windsurf/surf/kite all in one) and began to think: “why not combine this stuff for a living?” and share the love with world.

A nice mixture of desire and connections from Gregor's first years in the sport www.surf-store.com was born. First customers and orders actually came in late 2009 (special thanks goes to Nick from Athens), but we say this great water sports online shop was established on 1.1.2010 ;).

Now Surfstore.com is into all watersports – kiteboarding, windsurfing, wake & Sup. Recent years were more about kitesurfing, and currently the SUP or stand up paddling is hugely gaining popularity. If you ever visit beautiful Slovenia, just contact us for SUP rentals. When you get there, we are still the ones who will bring you SUPs and show you stuff (that is, of course, if there isn't any wind forecast in local spots :)).

Gregor & Filip, Surf-Store.com

The #1 Online Watersports Retailer for Kitesurf, SUP, Windsurf, Bike, Wake and Wetsuits! Shipping Worldwide.