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Terms & Conditions

The ‘’Terms&Conditions of Surf-Store are  compounded with Consumer Protection Laws (ZVPot-UPB2) recommended by GZS and international codex’s for e-business.

Surf-store is managed by a company Popp Invest ltd, Slovenia. Every customer gets his own username with a registration. The username is the same as his email address and password. Username and password unequivocally defines and connects him with inserted data.

‘’Terms&Conditions’’ treat the business process of Surf-Store, users rights and business relations between Surf-Store and buyer.

 Information accessibility

(law summary)

Surf-Store is obliged to always present the following information to the buyer:

  • a) company identity (name and headquarter location, registry number),
  • b) contact details that allows users fast and efficient communication (email, phone),
  • d) product availability (every product or service, offered in Surf-Store, should be available in a reasonable time,
  • e) delivery Terms & Conditions or service execution (way, place and delivery time),
  • g) payment method and delivery
  • h) time validity of a contract,
  • i) time, when it is still possible to resign from a contract and terms for resignation; and about if or how much does a product return cost,

Product offer

Because of the nature of internet business, Surf-Store’s offer changes and modifies often and fast. Prices are represented as Regular prices and Retail prices. Regular prices are recommended sale prices from manufacturer/importer or they can be formed by Surf-Store. Retail price is a price, which is valid for buying through the internet and in case of 100% payment in cash or a payment with a pre-receipt on Bank Account.

Payment Methods

Surf-store offers the following payment methods:

  • with cash on takeover (Retail price valid) available only in Slovenia,
  • with money transfer on a Surf-Store account with a contract or pre-receipt (Retail price valid),
  • with payment/credit card (Diners Club, Eurocard/Mastercard, Visa – provided by PayPal) (3% less discount than Retail Price),

*Paying with payment card or credit card has higher prices than Retail Price because of transactions costs in credit card operation.

Surf-Store issues a receipt on a lasting media, with dismembered costs and instructions, how to resign from buying and product return, if that is necessary and possible.

The deed of sale (order) is in an electronic form and is keept on Surf-Store server and it is available to buyers at any time in their user account (MY Profile).


Retail Prices are valid for all Surf-Store members. You become a Surf-Store member with registration. Regular prices are for unregistered users, who wish to buy in Surf-Store and are not members. Registration is possible during buying procedure.

All prices include TAX, unless written otherwise.

The prices are valid in the very moment of purchase and do not have in advance defined validity.

The prices are valid in case of paying with above stated methods and under above stated Terms&Conditions. We are trying hard to keep the information updated and correct, but we do not guarantee it. In case of such errors or in case where price changed during order working, Surf-Store.com will allow buyer to resign from buying, at the same time Surf-Store will try to offer a solution that will satisfy both customers.

The deed of sale (order) between Surf-Store.com and buyer is made just after Surf-Store.com confirms the order (buyer receives electronic email about Order Conformation Status). From this moment on, all prices and other terms are fixed and are in force for both customers.

Payment and Credit cards

In case of paying with payment or credit cards, the following terms apply:

  • discount percentage on Retail prices decreases for 3,4%, if the payment method is credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club or other – via PayPal),
  • discount decrease because of transaction costs in card business,
  • buyer/payer ( information in user profile) must be the same person or organization as the owner of payment/credit card,

Surf-Store Gift Coupon

A gift coupon is a paper issued by Popp Invest ltd. in remedy for certain payment. The coupon is issued in forms such as paper or electronically. Every gift coupon is marked with a unique serial number, where Popp Invest ltd is bound to accept it as payment for merchandize selling on internet site Surf-Store.com. You can buy a gift coupon on Surf-Store.com. Same principals apply to buying a coupon as stated in Terms&Conditions. A coupon is valid 6 months from the day issued, unless otherwise stated on coupon itself.

You cannot exchange a gift coupon for cash. You can turn in a coupon with its full amount only. In instance where the buy value is higher than coupon value, the buyer must make an additional payment to cover the difference. In instance where the buy value is lower than coupon value, the difference is not reclaimable. You can use the coupon on two ways:

  • through  entering a unique alphanumeric code of gift coupon in the first step of buying process in redeem coupon field;

The holder of a coupon must use it in 6 months of the day issued, unless otherwise stated on coupon itself. When you transfer your value in form of credit to user account, the transfer must be made until the end of coupons validity, the credit then can be used with no time limitation, but all at once.

Buying procedure

1.       Order accepted. After ordering the buyer receives a notice via email about order status (accepted). The information about status and order content is always accessible on the site.

2.       Order Confirmed. If the buyer does not cancel the order, it goes to further working. After Surf-Store.com checks the orders, supplies then Surf-Store.com confirms or can reject with a reason. Surf-Store.com may contact the buyer to check information accuracy and delivery accuracy. After order conformation Surf-Store.com sends notice via email about estimated time of delivery. The contract between buyer and Surf-Store at this point is irrevocable.

3.       Product sent. Surf-Store prepares and sends the product in arrangement time and notices the buyer via email.

Consumers’ right to resign from buying, product returns.

Consumer has the right to inform the company (on email address info@surf-store.com) in 15 days after taking over the product about his resignation from contract, without having to state the reason for it. The cost for resignation is the cost of returning the item back to Surf-Store.com. Product must be returned in max of 30 days from the day when a notice for such matter was given.

Consumer must return undamaged and in unchanged quantity, unless if the product is already destroyed, broken, lost or its quantity has decreased and it is not consumers fault.

Surf-Store returns only the money paid for the product on the user’s bank account, any other promotional codes, gift coupons are returned to user account only.

Returning payment will be executed in maximum of 30 days from received notice about contract resignation. We return money on the user’s bank account.

The return of received product to Surf-Store in time (deadline for resignation from contract) is considered as a notice about resignation from contract.

Return Item(s) Form is available in ‘’My Account’’-> ‘View order status’’-> ‘’View order details’’-> “Return Item(s)’’.

More information on Return Policy.


A product contains guarantee, if it is stated so on a guarantee list or receipt.  The guarantee is valid if you follow the instructions on guarantee list and receipt presentation. The information about guarantee is stated on the page with product presentation. If there is no such information, that means that the item is without it or the information about guarantee is unknown at the moment.  In this case the buyer can contact Surf-Store.com, which will assure you up-to-date information.

For more information check out Return Policy.


Surf-Store will deliver merchandize in agreed deadline.

Contractual partner for delivery is Pošta Slovenije, but Surf-Store.com reserves the right to choose other delivery service.


Surf-store uses suitable technological and organizational means for protecting transfers and storage in personal data and payments. Surf-Store.com uses 128-bit SSl certificate, issued by authorized organization GeoThrust.

For safe authorization and transaction with credit card is taken care by GeoThrust Premium.

Personal information protection

Surf-Store is obliged to protect user’s personal information.

Surf-Store.com storages IP addresses of all visitors for indefinite time and with registered users it also keeps: names, email addresses, contact phones, home address and delivery address, state, time and date of registration and communication archive with Surf-Store.

User’s information will not be given to any unauthorized persons.

User itself is responsible for protecting his own personal information. User has to assure for security of its own user name and password and suitable software (antivirus) protection of your computer.


Surf-Store.com will contact the user only if the user does not disagree.

Advertising electronic messages will include following components:

  • Clearly and unequivocally marked as advertising messages,
  • Clear visibility of sender,
  • Clear presentation of how to resign from receiving advert messages,

VIP club membership

The manager of VIP club is Popp Invest Ltd., Poklukarjeva 42, 1000 Ljubljana.

Membership in VIP club automatically belongs to every user who makes at least three buys in a calendar year in total value of 1899€. The benefits of membership only apply for www.Surf-Store.com.

User’s opinion and comments

Opinions and comments are a part of functionality on Surf-Store that can be written by users and are meant for user community. Surf-Store.com allows registered users to write an opinion. Before publishing Surf-Store.com checks the comments for possible insults, obscenes or if they do not offer any benefits to other users and visitors.

With publishing opinion and comment user agrees with the terms of usage and grants Surf-Store.com to publish a part or whole text in all other electronic and other media. Surf-Store.com has the right to use the content without time limitation and for any purposes that are in business interest of Surf-Store.com including publishing in adverts and other marketing communications. The author of opinion and comment assures that he is an owner of material and moral author rights for written opinions and comments and that he transfers these rights, without limitation, to Surf-Store.com.

Children’s safety

Advert notices will be clearly visible (considering age) and clearly separated from games and competitions. Every communication meant for children will be suitable to their age and will not take the advantage of children, lack of experience or the sense of loyalty.

Surf-Store.com must not accept the order from somebody, who he suspect or knows that he is a child without express consent of his parents or guardians.

Surf-Store.com cannot accept any personal information regarding children without express consent of their parents or guardians.  Surf-Store.com will not publish this information to a third party; exceptions may apply for their parents or guardians.

Surf-Store.com must not offer free access to products or services that are potentially harmful for children.

Responsibility discharge

Surf-Store.com tries to assure the best possible up-to-date and information accuracy, published on its website. In spite of that product features, delivery time or prices are changing very fast for that reason it may not be possible for Surf-Store.com to repair these information. In this instance, Surf-Store.com will inform the buyer about the changes and will allow him to resign from order or change ordered product.

Surf-Store.com is not responsible for the content about the products (opinions and comments from users). These opinions and comments will be checked before publishing for possible untruths, insults or frauds. Surf-Store.com is not responsible for these opinions and comments and it discharges itself from such responsibility.

Although Surf-Store.com tries to assure accurate photos of products, you must use them as symbolic pictures. A picture does not warrant for products features.

Complaint and conflicts

Surf-Store.com respects valid customer security laws.  Surf-Store.com will try to fulfill his obligation to make effective system for complaint treating and to point to a person who can (in case of problems) be reached via phone or email. You can give away your complaint via email (support@surf-store.com). Complaint proceedings are confidential.

Surf-Store.com is fully aware of irrational costs when solving conflicts by laws and in courts. This is a main obstacle for consumer not to engage conflict in courts. That is why Surf-Store.com strives as best it can to solve these conflicts as per agreement.

Copyright and Trademark Notice

Surf-Store.com is owned and operated by Popp Invest Ltd. The sites content (texts, designs, logos, icons, images and all software used) is the sole property of Popp Invest Ltd. or those supplying the software. The sites content may be used for the purpose of shopping or placing an order on Surf-Store.com and for no other purpose. Content and material must not be copied, reproduced, republished, modified, posted, transmitted, uploaded, or distributed unless with written consent from Surf-Store.com. Unauthorized use of content and material may violate copyright, trademark and other applicable laws and could result in criminal or civil penalties.

All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. 


We wish you a lot of pleasant and satisfactory purchases!

Gregor Popp, owner of Surf-store.com