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Introducing following Windsurf gear

Boards, sails, masts, booms, extensions, bases, harnesses, helmets, travel bags, impact vests and accessories for all shapes, sizes, abilities and wind ranges. JP Australia windsurfing boards and NeilPryde Sails, Gaastra sails available at Surf-Store.com

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Gaastra 100% Carbon Race Boom

$1,249.78 $1,249.78

Gaastra Racing Boom 100% Carbon Carbon Lines The time has come for Gaastra to step up to the plate with the ultimate competition boom. Currently we are finalizing the production of one of the best booms ever to hit the market. We have 2 sizes for wave...

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DUOTONE Sail Warp 20.19 2019

$1,272.53 $1,238.41 $1,238.41

DUOTONE Warp 20.19 2019 The WARP 9.0LW won six of the seven eliminations in the 2015 racing season, making it the most successful slalom sail in PWA history. It was our first racing sail with a completely new, revolutionary profile concept called the NO...

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Neil Pryde

2017 NeilPryde - X9 All Carbon Boom

$1,192.92 $1,192.92

X9 All Carbon Boom The X9 boom is designed with a monocoque carbon boom body and a monocoque custom carbon tail extension. It features a forged carbon VT-joint, protective head shim on new 140 & 160 sizes and a twin-pin trimlock adjustment system. X9...

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